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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 91jimmy, Jan 24, 2006.

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    I did notice since I installed the powertrax locker in the rear of my 91 Jimmy that it tends to pull the right under acceleration but if I was to punch it, it would launch straight and both tires would squeal. I am usually smooth on the gas so this tends to make it a little squirrelly to drive. The gears are stock and seem to be in the low 3’s or high 2’s the truck is my DD and has 174,000 on it. Prior to the installation it did not do this, so is this a characteristic of this locker or is there something wrong.

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    It can , and will , produce some pulling during when you give it throttle inputs . It does it to the right a lot more , which is the way it would always do it , like a drag car launching with a Detroit or spool .

    I wouldn't worry about it , you'll get used to it after a short while . Then you will just drive it second nature .

    I have no worries anymore just punching it to pass a car , or changing lanes on the freeway :thumb:

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