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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by George_Pimpdaddy, Aug 24, 2005.

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    Hey was just wondering a few questions before i get my truck ready for the bush this year for a hunting trip about 300kms away. anyways to start off i have a 89 full size blazer with a 355/700r4/241 and 10 bolts with a aulburn posi in the rear. Currently i have no lift and bfg 31" a/t with the front tires becoming bald. A friend of mine has his blazer parked here to strip it onto another truck and it has mickey baja claws 35" which are worn about 30-40 percent and is offering to sell them to me for $500 with 15x10 ralley rims for my 10 bolts, since we were told that the tires wouldnt fit my stock 15x8 ralleys. Im thinking about just having 2 sets of tires my 31's and the 35's.
    Question is what do i have to do with my truck right now to put the 35"s on to 4wheel in the bush (was thinking about putting them on up there and drive the highway with the 31"s) I also have no big problem with cutting the fenders.
    Also you guys have any tips or a good checklist to do before i leave???
    I was thinking about changing all of the oil in the diffs and engine oil also.
    So can 35"s fit on my blazer wiithout rubbing to much or would the gears be way to off? even with the 241 low range? :confused:
    Thanks alot for helping a guy out :D

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