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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by wayne, May 28, 2006.

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    I stopped in to see some friends of mine over the weekend. Now they mainly own Fords, Jeeps, and Dodges. Well Rick has a pretty built Bronco for crawling and he bought a K5 that he competes with at the mud boggs. So I stopped in to get the schedule for the next bogg and there is a older Chevy pick up sitting there. I was thinking that Rick bought it for spare parts for his K5. Dave, his brother in law who lives there was playing on the go carts with the kids so I was just hanging out with Kris. So once Dave broke the cart :doah: we put it in the garage and started shooting the bull. Come to find out the Chevy was given to him by his boss. I get to looking at it and see it has half ton badges on the fenders and was told it is a 78. Dave said he was just going to scrap it. I looked at the tailgate which was in decent shape for the year and Dave is like, take it if you want it. Then he said it is a 3/4 ton. I thought that was odd but glanced under it to see a 14ff. Here it had body work and it looks like the fenders were replaced. Get to talking about the th400/203 in it. Dave said I could have it to do a doubler. Score. I already have a round pattern 205 I picked up for $125 a few weeks ago so I guess my winter project is a Doubler. Not a bad day for being pretty unproductive.:D

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