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    May 17, 2004
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    original plan:truck cab/blazer frame,built 350,350/205,d60ff rear,4.11 lsd,d44f 4.11 open,35-37" max tire size.I went to the junk yard today looking for a better cab than the one I've got.I found several,all are 2x4.the best(most solid) of the bunch was an '85 camper didn't look like a 14bff,but was a ff axel(8-lug).no engine,but did have a trans..a hydro I'm thinking instead of the trazer build with the auto,I could stick with a longer wheelbase rig and take advantage of the divorced Dodge 205 that a friend has been holding for me.I also have sitting around,an 2x4 sm420.but it doesn't have a bell housing.I've been wanting to put that to use also.but I have no idea where to look for a bell housing,whether or not a manual or hydro from a 465 would work,etc.I love my granny low and really want to try creeping through the woods,trails,mud,etc. with the even lower 420 granny.I'm in Michigan so rocks aren't even a consideration for me unless I plow through the gates at the local gravel pit.I could probably have the 2x4 w/hydro 465 for a song,most likely he'd trade for my runs/drives,no longer roadworthy '96 AWD ASTRO,and my junk '80 cab.what would you do?oh,my apologies for the long read.

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