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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by mtnman210, Sep 18, 2005.

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    It's been a while since an update on my build up. So here's a little write-up and a couple pics of what I've been up too.

    It's been stripped of ALL intereior including the metal dash. All exterior molding has been removed. Motor is out along with the trans and transfer case. All air conditioning and heater stuff has been removed as well. Finally the 2in body lift was put on....And I believe thats where I last had made a post/comment about it.

    I picked up a 14ff That was home no more than a couple hours before I tore into it. I have the carrier and ring gear out. And removed
    both shock mounts and spring perches----AFTER HOURS OR WORK(stupid perches!).

    I then have the steering box off and apart. It was suppose to be getting a 2wd sector shaft to allow for furture steering mods but there was a slight snag. I went to the junkyard and before going I made sure I had the right tools and measured the nuts on my 4wd box. Well after getting to the
    junkyard I came to find out that the 2wd nut was alot bigger than the 1-1/8 wrench I brought..Oh well next month.

    Then came the most "fun" part so far--looking for rust and doing some body work. I have all the spots I'm worried about found(hopefully). I have spent the last week poking around and finding all the rot in the body, which there is quite a bit. After finding a couple nice surprises sandblasting began. I have all the major holes blasted and all rust out. Some will
    have to be cut out and have new sheet metal welded in.

    All the wiring has been cut out. The truck is now wireless. There is no need to have all the wires that were in there for what I need. Simple and
    neat is the theme for my build.

    The motor(454) is on the stand and being torn down. The guy I got it from said it didn't run but didn't know why. Well upon investigating I found a nice pile of metal shavings in the oil pan. It looks as though he put the wrong size crank bearrings in and blew em apart. Also one set of
    pistons was put in 180* off. Other than that it is in fairly decent shape. I thought there was going to be bigger problems when I found the shavings but everything is fixable. So I pulled the heads and manifold off to start the disassembly.

    Well thats all time has allowed but I'm finally beginning to make a little progress on it now that I'm back in school and not working as much. I know I shouldn't say it but I already have, so the jinx is already on but best case I'd like to have it functionble by T.D.S which is the 1st week of march.

    Thats it for now I'll keep eveyone updated when I get some new stuff done. Pictures for the build are here: the newest ones start on page 2

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