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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by grindkings, Jul 17, 2005.

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    Today i decided to change the trans. fluid and filter because i had never did i before and gussed that it had never been change. Apon pulling the pan i looked at the magnet in the bottom of the pan. To my horror, it looked like there was "puddy" on it. The pan was full of shavings. Sparkly and pretty. The fillter was cloged and also had the pretty little shavings in it. Is there anything i should look for now that the pan is off besides all the "****" that is in the pan? Maybe the trans will shift a little better now.
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    What did those shavings look like?
    Was it like sparkley grey/brownish sludge ? Thats pretty normal and not much to worry about
    If there were chunks of clutch material, rubber, and pieces of metal larger than a small flake. A rebuild will be on your list of repairs.
    Also it would be great if you could get all the old fluid out of the trans. There is still about 6 quarts in the convertor. that old fluid will contaminate the new fluid
    I usually disconect the bottom trans cooler line at the radiator.
    Install the pan &filter ect and fill it up.
    Start up the truck and pump a quart or so out of the disconnected line into a bucket. It helps to have someone help you with this.
    Shut off truck check fluid and add more fluid
    Repeat pumping out around a quart at a time and refilling til the fluid comes out clean. Do Not Pump the Trans Pan dry!

    This flushing procdeure will usually take a little over 2 gals of trans fluid. Having nice clean fluid will greatly extend the life of your 700R4

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