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Discussion in 'The Body Shop' started by 73k5blazer, Jan 1, 2005.

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    I bought DuPont Imron to spray my frame with years ago, and have some left over so I was doing my roll cage with it now.
    I sprayed my frame outside on a calm 75 degree day. (wearing my dual particulate/organic respirator)
    It's cold now, so I made a makeshift paint booth in my heated garage, from my asbestos removal days I'm an expert at making plastic enclosures, and I still have my dual filter particulate/organic respirator.
    In my makeshift enclosure I bought a couple cheap 20" fans to suck out air and threw some cheap furnace filters in front of them just to keep the fans from getting caked. I placed the fans next to the man door so they are blowing outside the enclosure and the garage and I opened the man door at the other end of the garage for fresh air. I have good negative air because the plastic sucks in, even with my 5'x1' decon door.
    My quesiton is, am I going to die a slow lingering death with this stuff and this setup, I hear it's pretty nasty on the lungs, now. Oh, BTW, I used the dupont epoxy primer as well, is that just as nasty?
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    Both the epoxy primer and the Imron are filed with isocyanides and you should be wearing a forced air breathing system for your health. Isocyanides can also be absorbed through the skin so it is advised you have a full face mask and a bunny suit. If you choose to use your mask, Get new filters and change them out every 8 hours. Most people do not store masks properly so its best to put in new filters every time you use it.
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    Rugger is right about the masks and you should use a full face mask instead of a nose / mouth half mask since you can absorb the isocyanate through your eyes and skin. Change the filter cartridges regularly and make sure they are the proper ones for automotive painting.

    But instead of using negative pressure in your enclosure, you should use positive pressure. Negative pressure will bring in dust and dirt from anywhere there is a crack in the enclosure. With positive pressure and a filter on the fan inlet, you will be filtering all of the air going through the enclosure. Any air escaping through the cracks will blow out dust instead of pulling it in.
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    Some good points for sure....

    Imron has different the smell is very different..
    and it's a more toxic paint.

    I've sprayed Imron in confined spaces...with a respirator...back in the 80's..
    when...that's all we were told to use.
    After many cases of isosyanate poisoning...
    Dupont changed there labelling to fresh air mask only.
    I know a couple painters...that had to look for work in anouther profession..because of Imron.

    I haven't sprayed Imron in 15 years.

    Also...if that garage is connected to the house...I'd be very careful..
    You can put your family at risk...too.

    Now remember...
    Paint needs fresh...warm air to dry.
    Ventilation is also you don't get overspray.

    90% of dirt comes from your sleeve..or the vehicle itself. (Blow-it-off good)
    I paint with a turbo heater paintwork is clean.

    It sounds like your set-up and ready. :thumb: :thumb:

    Have fun!!!:cool1:

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