question on removing trans and transfer on the ground

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    ok this is going to suck but once i get out of school in may i have to replace the engine trans and rebuild the transfer case in my 85 blazer. here is my question what is the best and safe way to remove the tansmission and transfer case when you dont have a lift and your doing it outside on the ground. the only soild surface im going to have is the osb board i will be buying from home depot. i would love if some one could give me the heads up and if anyone lives near frederick md and wants to help let me know. i can get as many kegs needed and i got two grills that will have food on them at all times.
    thanks to anyone who can awnser my ?

    thanks cooter(zak)
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    Are you saying you do or do not have a floor jack?

    For the cost of a decent amount of food ($60) I bought a 2.5ton floor jack that I use all the time, and with that under the crossmember, and a friend to help, it was pretty easy to get it out.

    No solid ground is an issue, if your wood is thick enough, floor jack wheels won't puncture it. Actually, as long as your truck is high enough, even that wouldn't matter, just use the jack to lower the combo as far as possible, push the combo off the jack, then drag the tranny/t-case out.

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