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Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by 70jimmy, May 21, 2005.

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    Way back in October I ordered a bunch of stuff. 4" shackle flip, 3 inch rear springs, 6 inch front springs, all greasable bushings, front shackles and raised steering arm. I am finally getting to putting this stuff on.

    The steering arm that connects the driver side spindle to the drag link has tapered holes. Wider at the top than at the bottom. The bolts that came with it are not tapered other than the top edge and do not fit into the tapered holes at all. Am I missing something???? the holes that are tapered are the 3 holes that connect to the spindle. Sorry probably using wrong terminology. thanks

    I left a message on Friday but understood you were busy and I saw your post about wrong phone numbers and figured maybe one of them might have been mine.

    70 Jimmy and it was a 10 bolt front.
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    You need the conical washers that fit over the studs and into those tapered holes.
    Here's a pic of what one should look like.
    BTW: the steering arm connects to the knuckle. The spindle is what you slide the hub/rotor onto and it also bolts to the knuckle.:wink1:
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    Got it sorted out, sorry about friday, we ended up chasing the UPS truck with 2 next day saturday orders that came in after our shipping was done and gone. Between that and turning a couple guys loose early and it was a mess here for a while!

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