Quick question about emissions testing and engine swaps

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Grizz84, Jul 9, 2006.

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    I"ve got a question for any of you guys that are up to date on non-california emissions testing. Apparently the EPA is going to be ever so nice and bring emissions testing to my city in the next 3-6 years. Im about to embark on putting the LS1 in my '84 K5 and since im going to do it...i want it right so i don't have to bust my butt to get it to pass smog when the time comes.

    Does the emissions readings have to be within parameters for the year model vehicle or the engine that is in the vehicle? Because if they only go by the year model and don't take into effect the replacement engine, then im sure i can get by with just cats and still leaving the EGR taken off without having to go to a '01/'02 ECU which didn't have EGR. Im going to be running a stock program with the only bolt on's being a LS6 intake and homemade longtubes.

    Also, i don't know how accurate i am on this....but aren't all vehicles which are deemed classic auto's...(25 years and older) emissions exempt in 49 states? If so...i only have 3 years to even have to worry about it. Only reason why i ask is because my engine management harness was made up without the post cat o2 sensor's because i was previously going to put this motor in a pre-emissions car. And it would be my luck that they run an OBDII emissions scan and seeing how there would not be any reading from the rear banks...i would be screwed even if i had cats or not. Anyone want to enlighten me on this tree hugger crap?

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