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RamJet 502CI PFI with Aluminum Heads

Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by cbrussell, Jun 20, 2004.

  1. cbrussell

    cbrussell Registered Member

    Jun 20, 2004
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    What does the installation of the RamJet 502CI PFI with Aluminum Heads # 12499121 in a 1983 K-5 Blazer involve? Which automatic transmission should I pair up with it?
    Any major pit falls going from a 350 SBC to this BBC?
  2. sled_dog

    sled_dog 1 ton status

    Sep 3, 2002
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    Austin, TX
    cool factor is way up there. Umm difficulty? wiring it up. Should come with the harness so it won't be too difficult but if you are like a lot of people you hate wiring. Making it a nice clean job will be the hard part. Will need an electric fuel pump that will be capable of feeding the beast. As for trans, a nice Th400(read rebuilt with good parts) will do the trick I'd say. As for pit falls for doing it, umm time? Just the time and effort of the wiring and plumbing work, otherwise the pluses seem pretty big to me. Oh and whats the rest of your truck like? Axles? I mean if you are running 1/2 ton axles I could see breaking an axle pretty quick with power like that. If you are just cruising the strip on friday night sitting on some 33s I wouldn't be as worried about it. I want to build another K5 to do just that with, cruise around on 1/2 ton axles with a big block under the hood sitting on 35s.
  3. dyeager535

    dyeager535 1 ton status Premium Member

    Dec 13, 2000
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    Roy WA
    I don't know much about this motor, but I might be inclined to stay away from the Ramjets.

    I'm probably in the minority, but as I recall, these were designed as boat motors, not for vehicles.

    the little I remember about the ramjet 350 was there was no O2 sensor, and there may not be a knock sensor. If both of those are "missing", that tells me that there is probably a BIG compromise in performance because GM had to keep the engine "safe", likely with lower compression and a fairly mild timing curve. With aluminum heads the compression is probably 9:1 (total guess here, tell me if I'm right or wrong) but that is still real mild when you can run 9:1+ easily on iron heads with 87 octane.

    Probably has a decent warranty, but do some more research, see if you can't find a 502 with a better injection system on it already, such as Edelbrock, etc. (not saying yay or nay on Edelbrock, but their injection systems seem to work fairly well)

    Someone is probably offering a more "tuneable" injection setup pre-packaged with a new 502. As much as the ramjet costs, I'm sure there are similar out there.

    A little out of the purview of your question, but last I knew, a major pitfall on these IS the fact that they aren't a very "smart" fuel injection setup.

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