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    I will be doing a gear swap soon. Is it really worth upgrading the shafts (currently stock '88 suburban 28 spline shafts). Also locker recomandations. LOVE the detroit, but overkill for this truck. Running 33" now, dont know if I will run 35" in the future. 4.11 or 4.56.
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    If you are going to pay for a regear and a locker I would get get the Detroit and a set of Moser or Superior alloy shafts. Just for piece of mind. That would be the optimum setup. That way your 28 spline stock shafts fit as spares.

    If it is just a light wheeler I might be inclined to save a little on the locker and run a lockright. I would get them Moser or Superior stock alloy replacement shafts anyway though. It is worth the extra coin.

    If your 10 bolt rear is a govlock you will need to get an open carrier (on from a front 10 bolt will work too) to run a lockright.

    As for gears if you have the 700R4 I would get 4.56's for the 33's and 4.88's for the 35" tires. I run 35's and 4.56s with a 700R4 and wish I had 4.88 or 5.13's.


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