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Rear Dana 60 Question

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by OffRoader93, Dec 23, 2005.

  1. OffRoader93

    OffRoader93 1/2 ton status

    Nov 30, 2002
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    I was wondering if you guys think a rear Dana 60 with 35 spline axles and a full spool would take 750hp/900tq when the truck is being used as a weekend sled pulling truck or sometimes a weekend mud racing truck? The truck already broke the pinion in half once, was wondering if there are any gear companies that make a ring and pinion tougher that would take this power? Or should I not waste my time and money and just get 14BFF and weld it up? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  2. 1977k5

    1977k5 1 ton status Vendor

    May 26, 2003
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    Get a FF14 bolt. The 35 splines shafts in the 60 are probably strong enough but the ring and pinion are not. The 14 bolt has much better gear tooth contact, a third pinion bearing (to keep the pinion from climbing the ring gear, this causes quite a bit of the r&p failures), obviously a larger ring and pinion, etc. Why even think of putting a 60 in this truck?
  3. resurrected_jimmy

    resurrected_jimmy 1/2 ton status

    May 23, 2005
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    back home in Houston
    Because it said D60..... Go with the 14FF, you could brobably use the weight on the rear end anyway

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