rear heater in suburban?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by dubbyx, Nov 23, 2005.

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    alright, I know I have the rear overhead a/c in my '84 burb... could really use some heat back there some days but havn't seen any with the rear heater option...

    anybody got pics? I think I have an old heater unit in the rafters of my shop, but I have no idea what kind of truck it goes to... just want to compare factory setup to what I think I can make work with the parts I have...


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    Aftermarket or make your own..

    Zero-Start makes universal heaters that mount in the rear,and also under the seat heaters.. I have made a few myself out of a heater core,I looked one up at the parts store in the illustrated catolog,and got one that had straight spouts for the hoses(though its not absolutely essential),and used a steel milk crate and an old blower motor from a GM truck (squirrel cage ones are quieter than a bladed fan)...its easier to buy one,but I think they cost about 150 bucks..not too hard to build though..

    My first rear heater I had in a 72 K5 ,I found in an old school bus under the seat,about halfway up the rear of the fit into a milk crate perfect,I took it out of the big bulky metal box it was mounted in,it was too big,and mostly wasted empty worked great,and only cost me 20 bucks!..

    My plumber has a Chevy "Step Van", a P30 --he came here to fix a pipe one cold winter day,and I laughed when he drove in my yard,with 2 of those propane heaters that look like sunflowers glowing behind him in the back of the van! :haha: --I asked "isn't that a bit dangerous"??..he says "Ya,but so is frostbite!..they defrost the windows great,and they DO help keep it somewhat warm in here.."..the stock heater sucks,it doesn't put out enough BTU's..

    I related a story to him how I nearly burnt my old VW bus to the ground by using a kerosene heater in it held down by bungy cords while driving--one day it tipped over while going around a corner! was a close one,but I got the fire out by shoveling snow into the van! :eek1:

    I said "Hey,your a plumber,put baseboard heat in it!"...I laughed,I was just joking around....but his eyes grew big,and said "YYEAAHH!--THAT"LL WORK!!". :laugh: ..I didn't realize he was serious, until he stopped in a few days later,and proudly displayed his new "baseboard" heating panels along the inside of both sides of the van! :eek1: --he hooked them to the heater hoses,and said it got so hot in there now,that he was going to install shut off valves so he could keep it a reasonable temparature!.. ;)

    He called me a "genious",but I said I'd seen guys race cars on the ice in NH that used strips of baseboard heat on the dash of their cars to defrost the windows,and get some heat,since they had to strip the entire interior out like a demo derby I couldn't take the credit for being the first to think of it.. :rolleyes:

    They say a car engine produces enough heat to warm a full sized average home!--I believe it,because I have delivered parts to a guy wh has a large barn he uses as a shop,heated by an old 235 six from a chevy truck,mounted under a lean too roof behind the barn-its neat,he has part of the dash from the truck on the back wall--still has the ignition switch,hand choke,and gauges fully funtional!--its hooked to a huge Mack truck radiator hanging in the barn with 2 elecrtic fans from front wheel drive cars mounted on works quite well!..he also has 3 altenators mounted on the engine that make 12 volts at high amperage--he uses old headlights from junk cars to light up the shop too..

    I learned from him if you hook 10 headlights in series,you can plug them into a 110V socket,and they work perfect!--but if one burns out,they all go out,just like some christmas bulbs do..he's quite the inventor,nothing gets thrown away at his shop,unless its totally scrap!.. :haha: :crazy:
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    Thats genious!

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