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Rear Window regulator rebuild?'s


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Apr 5, 2003
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Pueblo, CO
Rear Window regulator rebuild?\'s

I finally got the parts I needed to rebuild the regulator for my rear window. Mine has the problem of not wanting to roll up all the way. After pulling the cover I found that the roller bushings that slide in the track attached to the glass are wiped out. They are flat on two sides and now slide more than roll. I got another regulator out of the boneyard to find that its bushings are the same, but it does roll up all the way. For $7 I yanked it and brought it home.

So I did some searching at the local Chevy dealer and they got me the roller bushings, but could not locate the pins that they ride on. I managed to get the pins from another Chevy dealer that I call on in NM so I got everything I need to put the new regulator together. (anybody needs the part #'s I can grab them out of the garage and post)

One big question, the pins are not screwed to the regulator, but the ends are peened over or rivited to the regulator. I had to drill the old ones out. Question is how does one perform the same kind of Peen or Rivit in the home shop? Its not like a pop rivit, but the end is solid where it goes through the regulator arm and then pressed or musheddown to spread out over the hole holding it in. Just like a frame rivit.

Do I need to use a press? Or will a vice do? Is heat needed? I've thought of cutting some threads on the end with a Die, but I think the metal is soft and the threads may not hold. Any ideas? Thanks!


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Feb 19, 2000
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Re: Rear Window regulator rebuild?\'s

I'd like those parts #...
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