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    Has anyone ever done this before? You start a weekend project which grows larger and larger until you've got 2/3 of your engine compartment laying on the floor of the garage :doah:

    I set out to seal up some leaks in my old 350 (oil pan, timing cover, rear main seal. . .) which seemed like an easy enough task. Unfortunately, I'm a little AR and a student of the "do it right the first time" school. Don't reuse rusty or worn parts, don't reinstall dirty parts, etc. So here I am several weeks later with little more than a long block attached to the motor mounts, car parts strewn from the front porch to the back porch and two weeks from a divorce if I "don't get all that carp cleaned-up. And by the way, I thought you said the Blazer didn't need a lot of work. This is turning out just like the last car!"

    So I'm ready to reassemble and trying to work out a logical order to do so. Here's what I'm thinking:

    Oil pan, Oil pump, timing cover, Intake, carb, dist, balancer, valve covers and fuel pump w/pushrod are off so I go:

    1) Intake
    2) Timing cover
    3) Oil pump and Pan
    4) Balancer
    5) Bump the ungine around till fuel pump pushrod installs correctly and mount fuel pump.
    6) TDC the engine and install new distributor
    7) Valve covers
    8) Carb (also new)
    9) Accessories, pulleys, belts, etc.

    Let me know what you think. I know from past experience that not installing in the correct order can lead to headaches.

    '73 K5
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