Rock Racing, Devils Playground,N.C. in March!

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    March date TBA.

    Rock racing comes to the Devil's Playground! Comp will be on a Saturday, camping fri and sat night. Open ride on Sunday. Limited to 40 competitors, unlimited spectator space, some come out and watch!

    Playground is here. Scroll out for directions.

    Two classes: 36 inch tires and down (no buggies), and 37's and up.

    Competitors MUST have a full cage, seatbelts with a shoulder belt ( 4 or 5-point harness suggested), working fire extinguisher, dot helmet(s), battery and everything else tied down.

    Will also have to pass a saftey inspection. Not listing a bunch of rules, but if judges say your rig does not pass, it's final. Ask beforehand if you are unsure.

    Winner in each class will be based on the fastest time around the course. Time will be added if you go off course. Course will be set up very wide in most places so drivers will have their choice of lines to take. There will be several bonus "short cuts" If you can make the harder line, you get a shorter route, and a faster time.

    Both classes will run the same course, with a bypass or two for the smaller rigs.

    Each rig may have a co-driver. Both driver and co-driver MUST remain in the vehicle at ALL times it is moving under it's own power. If the rig rolls, or gets stuck, you are allowed to winch, or right the vehicle. IF ANY OUTSIDE HELP IS PROVIDED, YOUR TIME WILL BE THROWN OUT.

    We are going to try to let each competitor take two laps, the fasted lap time will count.

    Not sure of prizes yet. Should be some $$$$, a trophy, and bragging rights.

    Since this is the first comp we have out on, there may be rules changed/added.

    Anyone who is interested in competing, please PM me, so we can get an idea of who's coming. Include which class you want to compete in, and a breif description of your rig. Most of us are not planning to compete, unless we can't fill the field.


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