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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by nerraw117, May 9, 2005.

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    hi, i know rockers and sliders are talked about alot but i al replacing my rockers and front lower 1/4 panals and some random little holes in my floor in my 85 k5 blazer. i have heard it is really hard/PITA to replace rockers. i bought some replacement rockers from lmc truck and i was thinking of having a body shop replace them for me and i finish the rest of the work myself. anyone fro mexperience know how hard it is to replace the rockers with replacements. and how many hours a body shop mihgt charge replacing them? thx

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    I've done many--too many!

    I am no bodyman by any means,but I have patched a good many GM trucks back together!--I've done probably a dozen rocker panels on 73-87 style trucks!--after I heard the price they wanted to do them professionally,I decided since my trucks were not show queens and I only planned to beat them up plowing,I decided to do it myself-

    -I used the "full" rockers,because here in MA most GM trucks are rotted almost all the way up to the lower door hinge!....if you have the time,tools like a grinder or cutting wheel,mig welder,etc,its not an impossible job by any means--after I did one or two trucks I could do a pair in one day..but a few came out a little crooked because I forgot to shut the door and make sure they were lined up right--as I stated before,I wasn't too concerned about looks,only getting it to pass bondo skills are nil too,so I just ground the welds down and painted them--they still looked much better than a rotted missing rocker... :crazy:

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