salvage yard jumping (Texas)

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    Well I gotta tell ya Salvage yards in Texas (Ft Worth Area) Are slim pickings, I went looking for the usual 6" lift, Axles, Wheels and tires and came up with nothing. I have been out of the loop being in Iraq and all but I could not find crap! I need help from all you locals where can I find these things locally.

    My Blazer is a 83 I just put a brand new 383 stroker in it and the tranny is on its way out (cant hold up to the stroker) everything else is pretty stock. Eventually I would like to have 6" of lift with some 36"or 37" tires on a good off set wide rim of course that would mean swapping out the axles also.

    Do we have a post on what the perfect set up would be for what Im looking for or is there a post with everyones set ups listed? Also tranny rebuild shops best options. I know im asking alot here but its easier to ask then try searching through all the post which I have been doing for hours.

    Thanks gang:1zhelp:


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