Sbc 350 $150, Th-350 $75 Lower Price

Discussion in 'Engine | Tranny | T-case' started by BKinzey, Nov 8, 2006.

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    Mostly complete. missing a couple of brackets, nuts & bolts. No intake.

    It's a 2 bolt main. Looks stock. Pulled it from my project (avitar). Ran crappy due to PO putting a 2 barrel Rochester(?) and had a loose choke:mad: I drove it about 10 miles and it ran well on flats, constant speed, etc.

    Pulled the heads and it looks fine from my guess.

    Comes with starter, water pump, fan w/clutch, balancer & pulley, flywheel, HEI distributor, cast exhaust manifolds, 2 barrel carb:haha:, altenator,and a few odds & ends. $150

    TH-350 ran fine when pulled, 4x4 version, includes TC. $75

    It's all in Los Angeles. Will consider trades for 14BFF, 205, Rear disc conv, possible other.

    Engine, 350, & parts.jpg

    Engine, 350, block.jpg

    Engine, 350, Heads.jpg

    Tranny, TH-350.jpg
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    is that a performer rpm? if so ill take it for 40 shipped to my door in canada? v3y2r8

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