SBC 356... mostly complete.... Rolling chassis

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    SBC 356. Freshly installed with approximately 2000 miles on it. Missing carburator, and air cleaner. I paid $2200 including delivery for it new, and it carries a 2 year warranty from that will transfer with the motor. I would like to get half the purchase price for the motor due to it not being complete, and the fact that it depreciates upon installation. Specs are as follows. HP - 295@4600rpm, Torque - 380ft-lbs@2000rpm with a very smooth curve staying above 350ft-lbs through 4000rpm. Motor is available for pickup in Lake Mills, WI, or can be delivered for an extra charge. I would like to get $1000 for this Rolling chassis. It will come with the following STOCK parts not attached to the motor. Quadrajet manual carburator, GM Intake Manifold, fan, and oil pump.

    This is a rolling chassis... body has been removed and will go to the shredder as soon as possible. After looking at everything, the frame is in great shape. The intake didn't melt, only the carb melted, and the valve guides will likely need replacing. This is a great start to a rock buggy. Just weld your tubes in, and go. It will require a good $1000.00 worth of new parts and a body or tube body to get it road worthy again... I had over $8000 invested in this truck including the original purchase price, motor, and other bells and whistles. The frame is solid, but I just cant afford to keep pumping money into this thing, especially after a fire.

    Here's the beast in all it's original splendor...


    $1100 oBo
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