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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by hunterguy86, Jan 11, 2006.

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    San Marcos, Texas
    I got a police scanner for christmas. Its a Pro 94 from radio shack. I asked the guys here in san marcos at radio shack for the police codes but they said they didnt have em. Where can I get them?

    The scanner is mainly for listenin to the drivers when I go to Texas Motor Speedway but it would be cool to use it at home to.

    Thanks for the help
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    they sell a book...

    Radio Shack and other stores sell books called "Police Call" that lists the frequencies in many states..I'm very suprised they let you escape without buying one if you bought the scanner there!,they try to sell you everything that could possibly go with it,like that book,antennas,AC adaptor..etc!..before they'll let you out the door!.

    Try looking online on "Google" first,under "Scanner Frequencies" town recently "upgraded" to different frequencies,and I found the new ones listed online,saved me from having to ask the site here,you can even LISTEN online!..I might just have to do that soon,for our town is planning to go to the 800 mgh band,and my scanners only go up to 512 mgh!..:mad:

    I have a few neighbors on the force,and most fire and police departments will give the frequency if asked..they figure if more honest citizens are listening in,(as well as many crooks!)..more of them will be likely to call in and help locate suspects,etc..I helped them corner and catch some theives breaking and entering a few years ago,when I heard the siren go by my house,turned on the scanner,and heard they were looking for 2 crooks that fled into the woods..I saw them run thru my backyard,and I called it in..BUSTED!--:D :haha:

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