SCORE!..bought a new "Used" Arc Welder!

Discussion in 'The Tool Shed' started by diesel4me, Sep 18, 2006.

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    Spotted it on Craigslist late last week--picked it up saturday!..its an older Airco "stinger" 225 amp unit,thats WAY smaller than my aincient Miller "Tombstone" --I can actually pick this one up and carry it,though it IS still fairly heavy...(I wished I'd gone to pick it up in my CAR ,when I saw its size!--I had brought my truck ,ramps,and a hand truck,in case it was a monster like my old one..oh well,4 gallons of gas wasted..:doah: )

    It came with the bottom half of an old shoping cart too,which I modified to use as a cart for it yesterday! feels good to have welding capability again,it sucked having no if my plow breaks ,or I want to build or fix something,at least now I can!...I paid only 50 bucks for it!..glad I found one "cheap",with my lack of cash,its a Godsend..

    I should run a "real" 220V line to my shop though,I'm thinking the 20 amp outlet I was using on my former welder may have contributed to its demise.. I couldn't weld over 100 amps without tripping the breaker for more than 10 seconds,(not that I need that much heat often anyway)--so I guess thats my next project..

    I also need to get back in practice!..the welds I made yesterday look like birdcrap,but the cart is pretty strong!..:crazy:
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    $50, nice find.:D

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