Second day BB06 some trail repairs

Discussion in 'Blazer Bash' started by pauly383, Oct 8, 2006.

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    Well , second day for the moderate crowd stopped about 1030 PM :crazy:

    Travis and Juanblazer spun a 14 bolt hosing on the tubes , as well as chewed some d44 spiders . ORD welded the housing back up . It held and he made it home .

    Neil broke a spring perch and ORD welded it , he made it home as well .

    I hopped my truck on the stairs , spitting out from rear CV shaft . I had a spare shaft , and drove home with a little vibes . Which is a good thing , and why we are supposed to carry some items along to keep the group moving .

    4xcrazy lost a tranny mount and his shaft rubs the crossmember now . Bought in town and the drive hoem was fine .

    Well off to download the camera , fix up the truck ( all the water isn't good for the wheelbearings:p:

    Special Kudos go out to ORD . Its way cool to actually be able to drive alongside the heavy hitters , talk with them . And the help they gave was immensely valuable . I don't know of too many companies and magazine poster boys that hang with their own customers :bow:

    Also thanks to everyone who helped me change my shaft in under 15 minutes :bow:

    Pics are in my webshots .

    edited to reflect the novelty wearing off . Now to fix my rig and wheel again .
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    sounds like a great time. Looking forward to seeing the pictures
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    Ahhh! You're still killin' me. This next year is going to pass sooooo slowly!

    Sounds like you all are having a blast! :thumb: I can't wait for Michael's write-up.

    I'll bet Stephen is having more fun this time not having to do all the picture taking he did last year.

    How's the turn-out compared to last year?
  4. mtnman

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    mtnman's broke stuff

    The rear housing looks better than new (THE WATSONS ARE ABSOLUTELY AWESOME PEOPLE :bow: :bow: :bow: ), the d44 spiders are completely stripped, the clutch linkage came apart because the frame got whacked hard enough to become 1/2" out of square :eek1: and the left front leaf spring got a 90 bent in it. It's all fixable. I WILL REBUILD THIS TRUCK! :hack: :grind: :weld: :screwy: :thumb:
  5. Stephen

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    It wasn't all free, we'll be snagging a couple of future cold ones....
    Neil busted spring perches? I thought that guy's name was Kevin for some reason. This is the zebra K5 we welded up right? I say "we" loosely since my dad welded while I held the throttle. Regardless, they bought us some dinner after the fact, thank you very much for that. Now I feel bad for not remembering his name.

    That was a pretty good day all in all. I was a little tired of being there by about 8pm but there wasn't much to do but work our way out. I'm just glad I'm familiar with the trail from gold bar down, finding our way out of there in the dark could have been a real mess. I do like helping guys do stuff they've never done before, showing someone the right line to make an obstacle and seeing them do it is always a good feeling.

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