Selling my '72 Cheyenne (happy ending inside)

Discussion in '1969-1972 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by botboy, Sep 2, 2005.

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    Ok, so last year I talked with a guy a few miles from my house about buying an orange '71 K5 that he had behind his house next to a few other 67-72 trucks and suburbans. He said make offer - I said $750 and he said I'd need to be higher, I didn't have any more money so I temporarily gave up.

    I talked to him recently about a diesel motor (6.5) he had for sale, and inquired about the blazer again. He told me that he was going to part it out and scrap the tub - I wanted to cry. After a couple more emails he decided to pull/sell the hardtop and rear axle, and he'd sell me everything else for $500.

    Blazer is a Chevy Orange '71 K5, powered by a 305/TH350/NP205 combo. 3.73's in front, had a 3.73 posi in the back that he wanted so he took it. He also took the white hardtop, which I don't really care because I'm eventually planning on a bikini top. Black interior, rust in the rockers, rocker boxes, bed floors and rear wheel wells (suprise suprise...just like my cheyenne and every other midwestern truck)

    So, this weekend I'm putting a down payment on the K5 and I think I'm going to sell my cheyenne and some chevy sbc parts I have to pay for the rest and a couple other small projects I have going. I don't really see the use in having the cheyenne anymore, it's a pretty damn heavy truck and the blazer will be easier to make fast than the cheyenne would be. The only real justification I had for it was towing things around, and with the ramp truck (soon to be diesel powered and greased) I will be able to move more (a car/truck on the back and a trailer behind) for a lot cheaper, plus the blazer will be more than capable of pulling smaller trailers and dolleys.

    As for the blazer, I'm planning on getting a new rearend from a local yard, fixing the rust up, replacing the 305 with the 383 that I'm putting together. Since it's a 4x4 I'm debating what I want to do, right now I'm leaning towards putting a C10 2WD front clip in it and dropping the back a couple inches, I like ripping around corners much more than I like playing in the mud (and I have a couple friends with lifted trucks & dirtbikes, so I don't really need my own mud toy if I want to go play on the trails).

    I think overall this is going to be awesome, I've always wanted a blazer they've just largely been out of my price range, even project blazers seem ludicrisly expensive compared to the pickups. When I do get the bodywork done, I'm debating between a candy orange and flat black with red pinstripes...decisions decisions...
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    all sounds good, you need to visit

    You'll know why :D

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