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    1990 Honda Accord EX

    4-door, 180k+ miles
    oil pan leaks
    interior is crap (most of dash is removed, console removed, I have all the parts)
    primer grey

    $850 obo

    1998 Cavalier Z24

    interior needs a steam cleaner
    blew the motor a while ago, needs a motor, transmission, and shift cables
    paint is fading

    $2100 as-is
    $2500 with motor/tranny/cables, you install
    $3000 with motor/tranny/cables installed (83k on motor and tranny)
    $3300 with motor/tranny/cables and performance parts installed (polyurethane motor and tranny mounts, stage IV clutch, pacesetter header, and custom exhaust)

    1989 K5

    salvage title, front clip from an '84 suburban
    halfway-done interior color conversion (going from tan to black)
    console is pre-wired for two radios using "power pole" connectors
    front tires almost worn to wear mark, relatively new (6k) rear tires
    rebuilt front hubs with new bearings/races and warn standard manual locking hubs 6k ago

    $3000 obo

    1978 K5

    see other thread for photos
    no motor
    broken tranny (tailhousing cracked)
    no front seats
    rust through drivers floorboard near sill
    rust on passenger floorboard near sill
    rusty rockers
    rust on lower doors

    $200 firm

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