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    I scored some serpentine belt brackets and the water pump and crank pulley's the other night. Anyways, I had a few questions about doing this conversion on an '88 K5 w/ a 350 w/ AC. Below is a pic of what I got.

    Here is a list of what I know I need:

    reverse flow water pump
    PS pump with serp. pulley
    AC compressor with serp. pulley and hoses
    idler pulley, and tensioner pulley
    either a reverse direction fan or electric fan
    and of course the belt and hardware

    My alternator already has a serpentine belt pulley on it. Will I be able to bolt it up to the brackets, or do I need one out of a '90 or '91?

    Can I just change pulleys on the PS pump and the pulley and clutch on the AC compressor, or do I need newer versions of these to fit?

    Thanks in advance, :thumb:
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