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    There has been a hot thread on the Broncofix list about buying some property that borders on one of the Moab trails. I'm crossing some it over to here because a) this is a groundbreaking idea; b) it crosses brands and could use support from everywhere. If you want to be involved contact Chuck @ BC Broncos. He has taken the reins on this, but I'm sure he could use some help. Time is the enemy here, we need to move on this if it's going to happen.
    I rarely go to POoR, but if there isn't already a thread would someone start it?

    --- chuck <> wrote:
    It's 11:10 4-21-04 Was not able to contect anyone from the RedRock
    4x4 or the cruiser site. I left a message for Kurt of the cruiser
    site to call me back and the lady that answered the phone at
    the red rock 4x4 club ask that I call back around 5 PM so that
    is all still up in the air. Finnally talked to a lawyer in Moab.
    He says no problem, he can set it up. He suggested a non profit
    corp. With a board of directors voting rights. To start with
    because of the short time he suggests a small group buy the property
    on time. Then get the 500 people's (or what ever number)money
    together and pay off the loan. There will be a lot of things
    to work out, like what the land will be used for, how, Who and
    how the land will be taken care of. Well we charge for use or
    hope for donations. How to keep it clean, officers, voting, meetings,do
    we need insurance or a waiver, do we want to make new trails?
    Camp sites? You get the idea, too much to do in the available
    time. Anyway, anyone who wants to help out with this please read
    all of the info available on before you commit.
    The people that want to be involved up front please E-mail me
    direct at These people will have to make
    a lot of decisions about how we will set this up for everyone.
    So I will try to set up a mailing list for that purpose.

    >--- Original Message ---
    >From: Ben Saunders >
    Lets keep this rolling!
    >- I agree we need to find a single point of contact and get
    all the groups
    >interested involved instead of multiple groups bidding. MY
    wife and I
    >would be in for a "share" or two and I know the B.R.O.N.CO.
    club could chip
    >in some too. Since there may be ongoing fee's etc we may need
    to have it
    >set up like a co-op of some sort where you have a "membership
    fee" that is
    >a one time fee to be part of the co-op and then yearly dues
    to cover the on
    >going expenses. To be nit picky, documents will have to drawn
    up covering
    >how people can sell shares etc, but that would be standard for
    >like this.
    >Is there a Utah organization like "the Utah Off Highway Coalition"
    if so
    >that could be a good focal point , otherwise United Four Wheel
    drive may be
    >a good focal point.
    >It looks like several groups are working through here
    >At 07:14 PM 4/20/2004, Drew wrote:
    >> Good point (contacting other groups working on similar ideas),
    the last
    >> think we want is a bidding war among people with the same
    >>Chuck seems to be on a roll with it which is great! And Dan,
    you are the
    >>man to be willing to step up!
    >>IMO: Ideally, a trust would be established that had much more
    money than
    >>needed so the revenue would pay the taxes, trust administration
    fees and
    >>possible insurance automatically each year through a lawyer
    or bank who's
    >>a trustee. Any money in excess of these costs plus any new
    donations could
    >>be in a reserve fund for rapid purchase of other land that
    threatens to
    >>close or hamper existing trails.
    >>Even though I'm a couple thousand miles away, I'm in for a
    couple acres to
    >>make this work. I will also stick my neck out before consulting
    with the
    >>rest of our BOD and say that MEB is good for another $500 (actually,
    >>sure if we passed a hat at our event in June we'd bring in
    more than that,
    >>we've been able to donate much more than that to SWFWDA for
    >>maintenance at Tellico).
    >>As Chuck said, there are only a couple weeks until bids are
    due, so time
    >>is the enemy. I hope some people closer to the action can get
    >>legitimized, I'll be following closely.
    >>BTW, I didn't realize that the lady's parcel was only 160 acres,
    so my
    >>$105 figure was incorrect since it appears to have actually
    been over
    >>$250, so in my example you could only have gotten about 1270
    acres! ;^)

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