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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by onlychevy6, Jul 15, 2005.

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    Ok i would like to know how many of you fellow K5ers have the 6" superlift suspension? And have a th350/np205 combo? For those of you that have this same set up could you tell me what degree shims you all use in the rear. The current rear end is a 12 bolt and a dana 44 in front. I also have 1/2" spacers to drop the transfer case down some because of the angle.

    Here is why i ask. After rolling my 78 blazer at TDS this year. I bought a 75 k5. I took all the drivetrane out of the 78 and will be using it on the 75. Only thing i think i am running into is the 78 had a sm465/np205 set up. I am not sure with this new combo i will have to use the spacers or the 6 degree shims like before.

    Also i am currently running 35" BFGs

    Please enlighten me....


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