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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by diesel4me, Apr 14, 2005.

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    My dilema--I have a 62 GMC 3/4 ton frame thats been made into a trailer--its shocks are dead,and it has COIL springs--it bounces like a basketball uncontrollably,even with my 1000 lb flatbed/crane setup on it!---so bad it nearly caused a crash!.. :blush:

    I have a decent pair of monroe magnum 60 gas shocks,nice and big,but they are for the front of a 2wd chevy ,and are too short to fit in the stock brackets,although the mounts are the same type...Since I have no cash for new shocks for this POS and have more important bills to pay,I'd like to use the shocks I have and not only put them to use,but save the dough at the same time--cant see buying new shocks for it,since I'll use it a few times a year at most....or sell it after my yard is cleaned out...

    Can I just add some heavy flat stock to the existing mounts,and weld them on,and put the "new" holes in the right spot(basically just shorten the distance between the 2 mounts)...will it work ok??

    I'm making the "bump stops" closer to the axle tube also,to limit upward travel so the tires wont rub the bed frame under heavy loads or bumps,so the "compressed" distance of the shock isn't critical--but should I allow an inch or more "extended" clearance than the thing just sitting there ,so when it jumps over a bump,the shocks wont "top out" and try to lift the wheels off the ground??---I've been out in the yard bouncing it,trying to figure it out!--my neighbor must think I'm goofy!- :blush: :screwy: -how much "overtravel" is nessasary???...or should I just go buy new shocks,that I'm sure nobody will have in stock--can you say Cha-CHING..... :confused:

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