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    Just back home from 4 days in NJ where I bought a new DD and a whole load of parts for my '91.
    So just incase anyone is about to do some 'shopping' I thought I'd let you know about who I've just bought from and can recommend.
    First off I ordered a torque converter, trans rebuild kit and aload of small, PIA to look up, parts from Summit. Whilst a Summit salesman (in my experience) is never going to give you that real personal service feeling, they certainly tried to find everthing for me...even when I wasn't sure what I was asking for :doah: . So they get my vote.
    I also bought a suspension lift kit Suspension Connection. Really helpful people and everything in stock at what seemed like a good price to me.
    Same thing applies to Kilby Enterprises. I bought a complete on board air system from them (I know there's probebly cheaper ways of doing this but not from this side of the pond). Good helpful people.
    And last but not least...ORD. Don't think I need to tell you how good and helpful they were and the fact that they had everything I wanted on the shelf.
    I ordered all this stuff on a Tuesday, and it HAD to be in NJ for Friday. No problem...send it all 3 day air. Except I get into work on Wednesday to find phone messages and emails from 3 of these companies saying my card had been refused. ORD's payment went through ok luckily. After screaming at my credit card company (they blocked payments as it seemed like ,unusual activity'!!) all payments were honoured and the 3 companies moved the shipping to 2 day air so it was all there waiting for me when I flew in. :D
    So a big thanks to those campanies and this is a plug for them and an endorsement from me if you were looking to by some of their products.
    And now a complaint...I was in your country for 4 days and I've put on weight!!! :D :D :D

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