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    I had a 1985 k5 Blazer that I loved but bent the frame when i tried to pull out a totally stuck F150. So I went and bought a k20 that I have now.. But when I had the blazer I ordered up 12" springs and shocks (peice by peice). To make a long story short I got rid of the blazer and had the lift left and so I bought ord shackleereversal and moved the rear shackle hangers forward 4" and i still have shackle angle problems. Front springs are 48" long 12" kift springs and the rears are 52" long (8" with 4 inch blocks) springs.

    So this means everything is still way short of what I need.

    What do you think? I was thinking of putig the rear springs up seel the 12" fronts but its so hard to sell that much lift (and i cant return them becuase there under the custom spring category and ive had them for more than 1 yr now.)

    Fiddle sticks what do I do.. (by the way in the rear ive moved the shackle hanger so far forward the ive hit the bend in the frame and still have angle problems..)

    Youll probably tell me to get new springs but.. IM FLAT OUT BROKE!!!!


    RIPPEDK5 Guest

    Any logical ideas?
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    If you are "FLAT BROKE" then why are you building a rig with 20" of lift and 49s?

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    I am flat broke from building the truck... I have invested about $20k or so into it....I havent gotten 49" yet.. thats what the 20" of lift was for (to clear them without fender trim..) I am trying to get rid of my 1/2 ton front 12" lift springs so I can buy 4"or 6" rear ones (that will work with my ORD shackle reversal and hopefully mve my current rear 8" springs to the front) its complicated

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