six almost new 235/60R16 car tires

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    I have four P235/60R16 Goodyear Integrity tires that are just about new. They were brand new this morning when we bought our new-to-us XL7 and will be removed as soon as I can get some 225/75R16's on the thing. These are a car tread but from driving around all morning they ride nice and quiet. sells them for $79 each plus shipping.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    They're definately not offroad tires but for a car, minivan, or just people that won't use their smaller truck/SUV/Jeep/Suzuki/etc offroad they'd be great.
    I also have two of the stock Bridgestone P235/60R16 tires, neither has ever been on the ground. One was the spare on our deceased Grand Vitara and the other is the spare on the XL7. So you'll have a full set of new tires with two brand new spares.
    I'll say $250 plus shipping OBO for all six tires.

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