sm465 to NP208 leak

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by eshorvath, Nov 22, 2005.

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    Ok, I had to get an adapter for between my trans and transfer case. It was cracked.

    Went to pull the TC to replace this, and TC case fluid started pouring out of the bottom hole, that attaches the TC to the adapter.

    Is fluid supposed to come out of this hole? Like water from a head bolt hole on the engine?

    If so, should this bolt hole be siliconed to prevent leaks, as you do on a head or intake manifold?

    Should the gasket between the TC and the adapter be siliconed, gasket alone or silicone alone?

    What about the adapter to transfer case. Mine does not have a gasket, should it be siliconed, or should there be a gasket?

    Finally, in the adapter, trany gear oil should be the only thing in there, right. No TC fluid? Or should it be dry; but i guess if it should be dry, there would not be a gasket on the adapter, right?

    Should i do anything else before putting the TC back on?

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