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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by PeteH, Sep 19, 2006.

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    snow season is coming up soon(well for those of us here in cali)
    i'd like to actually bring my truck up to the snow but dont know which major things to do..(i have a 350tpi, th350, np303, d44, 12blt, 35" tires)
    i'd like overdrive(drive far to tahoe), so a 700r4 or 4l80e would be nice but for cost sake i'd probably be able to get 700r4 and 208 for cheap. but 4l80e and 241 would be nice for clocking and strength:wink1:
    i'd proably want to go with one of those compos for weight also..try to keep it as light as possible.
    axles?tires?anything else for snow in particular?
    oh yea a heater:D maybe a winch
    not looking for anything too crazy, i like overdrive and automatic but at times would like to shift manually...ehhh...probably tires 38" tires or less.

    I'm just looking for any opinions or combos that have worked well in snow.
    ..dont know how much i'll actually get done of this build in time for the snow... last year i took my moms mitsub montero sport...we got stuck so many times...its time to put my money to use after all these years of doing nothing.:pimp:

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