So anyone want a 78 Blazer

Discussion in 'General Parts for Sale' started by Bruiser, Nov 19, 2004.

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    I don't have money to fix it up. It will be a while before I can and I am in dire need of money so I don't lose a roof over my head. So you guys get first chance.

    1978 Blazer
    D44 Front
    12 bolt Rear
    SM465/NP205 with Centerforce Duel Friction clucth (Be lucky if it has 250 miles on it)

    Very little rust, a little bit in door jamb and some around the mounts fo the rear seat. Frame has been fixed once but needs fixed again. I have a plate I was going to use as a brace and a piece of frame I was going to make my own patch.

    $850 or best offer takes it home my money issues = your gain

    Runs and drives great but really needs frame fixed before driven regularly.

    1977 Camaro LT


    Runs and drives great has a bad rear quarters that need replace.

    $1000 or best offer

    You can see pictures of both these vehicles here.

    Really don't want to sell but alas don't have any other options and will get others when I can afford them.

    Unhappily :<

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