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    ok all of this is off a 86 k5 with a 350. the smog pump works fine. i removed the EGR but i honestly dont know if it works, the little flapper valve thingy is the part that is hooked into the exhaust and it shuts when the engine is cold to help warm it up faster. it still works fine and all the parts are included to hook it up. the exhaust manifolds are not damaged and will bolt right up, heat shields for spark plugs included. the little bracket is for some emission thingy, im just throwing it in there. the bumper is the rear one, with the licence plate holder in place. it shines up fine, but has a little rust on the bottom where someone welded rebar, and the trailer hook-up is gone. and the step bars are for a jeep i belive. i also have rear 1/2 ton stock springs in anyone is interested. best offer on all stuff.






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