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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by dontoe, Mar 8, 2005.

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    Went out to do a few things on the Jimmy yesterday. Absolutely beautiful warm day. Got the paint out and sprayed the under-stuff! Well, the driver-side backup light didn't work so I figure I'll take five minutes and change the bulb and get on with important sh!t.

    O.K. the bulb was good, get the meter out and check for voltage. Good in the center but no ground. Remove ground wire and sand it. Realize the other lights work so it must be the socket. Idea...........remove the socket from the K-10 parts truck. Start on it and think, I'll just take out the whole harness and replace it all. The harness finally comes out, trailer harness and all. The one in the Jimmy is a bit more difficult. No biggie though. But they aren't the same in as the '82 K-10 has one connector and the '75 Jimmy has two. So cut the jimmy harness and install the K-10 one. Test check after done and "no left turn signal/brake light" !!! O.K.......find (after tracing no voltage and cutting off electricians tape) bad splice on the dark green wire. Re-splice and wrap and tuck and secure "again". Think (yes again) I'll go up to Advance Auto and get some of those bright halogen backup bulbs like I put in my '75. Local AA has only one in stock. Drive 8 miles to the next town, Conover (home of the Conover Bandit) and they only have one but that makes two for me. Might as well get a bite to eat while I'm drive home. Install new bulbs. Test (Yeah, everything works) put up tools and spare parts. Uhhhhhh, It's getting ready to rain an I spent three hours changing a light bulb!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doah!!!!!!!!!!!:doah:

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