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    I'm out in the oil patch and my internet is very slooooooooow and i need some part numbers and applications to do rear disc on my chalets rear 12 bolt. I have the brackets i purchased from a board member a long time ago....and to keep the park brake i need 79 seville calipers with 79 chevette front hoses. I can order a disc/disc prop valve from master power or in line tube but i want to do a disc/disc master so i need a part number for over the counter on that and a part number for the rotors to use in the rear. The chalet has been upgraded to a 87 K5 booster and master so i believe it has an inch and an 8th bore vs. the 76 7/8ths bore. Please help me out so i can order this stuff while i am out here so i have all the parts to make it happen when we td this well as they are moving the rig which will give me a week off to get the chalet off the injured reserve list.

    I'm swapping my home made tbi harness for a howell harness and a msd dizzy...swapping the front rotors to 3/4 ton JB7 units with ebc pads so i have a lot of work to do.

    Doug W.

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