Spring Bushing Suggestions

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by BurbLover, Jul 23, 2005.

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    Well, in doing a shackle flip, determined that I realy should replace my bushing. So, any recommendadtions on types/sources?

    My debate was between poly & OEM. I've heard poly can be stiffer with less flex. Comments.
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    Poly is stiffer than rubber, and thus will limit suspension movement. This isn't something made up, look at REAL performance auto stuff where suspension actually does its job, you won't see poly. Check out Del-a-lum "bushings" if you like, to see something beyond rubber or poly. If poly was so great, those wouldn't exist.

    I checked into "aftermarket" bushings (rubber though, moog IIRC) and they seemed pretty pricey. I've got the part numbers somewhere.

    I will NOT be greasing bushings on my truck, and I won't tolerate squeaking, thus I won't be running poly bushings on *mine*. I don't care what they say about polygraphite bushings, they too will squeak. I know some poly bushings crumble, probably a manufacturing defect, but I've seen/heard of it from more than one manufacturer.

    Leaf spring bushings take a bit different loading than I think most people realize. With a stock leaf setup, if one side of the axle is higher than the other, the leaf spring, and anything attaching it to the frame, HAS to flex at some point if there is enough suspension movement. This will always put an angled load on the bushing. If the bushing can't deflect, (poly) then there will be friction. I've seen this referred to as "stiction" by car folks when referring to what poly does when the movement isn't inline with the bushing. Think of the shackle as being a vertical line, with the axle bolted to that. Anything not absorbed by the spring, exerts pressure on everything in the suspension after the spring. Obviouly ANY load on the spring will be transmitted first to the suspension bushings.

    If you remove the bushing as being the "sacrificial" part of suspension movement, what absorbs the movement? More spring twist? Shackle twist? Frame twist?

    Stock bushings last 20+ years, my opinion is that for most, thats plenty of time. I'd weigh them heavily against price though, as I'm not ignorant of the fact that plenty of people here run poly bushings and I have no doubt they are happy with it's performance.

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