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Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by 4X4HIGH, Dec 18, 2005.

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    Stephen, can you give me any dimensions on the spring bushings you sell for a superlift front spring as far as overall width of the bushing when installed in the spring eye and also how long are the inner sleeves and what diameter is the OD of the sleeves?

    The problem i'm having is that i have an 89 blazer and GM changed a few things this year as far as bolt sizes on the shackle end of the spring. 1973-1988 GM used 7/16" bolts at the rear of the front spring but starting in late 1988 GM changed that bolt size to 9/16" and made the shackles a 1/2" longer for a 4 1/2" center to center on the spacing of the bolt holes but still used the 7/16" bolt at the frame eye shackle bushing. I've bought both the superlift and also the energy suspension frame eye bushings and the inner sleeves are .200" shorter than the factory sleeves and also than the superlift inner sleeves for the springs so that would make the shackle taper inward at the top which isn't correct. As i have laid out a bunch of stuff new and used in the garage i have enough items to piece together something that will work for now but i have to make new shackles to do so.
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    This gets into a big mess with GM front spring widths.
    from the factory, they used a main eye with an assembled width of about 3.7". Then the aftermarket started building springs and made them 2.5" wide with 1/2" bushing shoulders for an assembled width of 3.5".
    Superlift and skyjacker went with a little wider sleeve and bushing than everyone else which is probably what you're running into.
    Typically the frame end of the shackle is 3.5" and if the lower bushings are built the same as the main eye bushings, the shackles won't run parallel. Our HD shackle bushing sets are set up around a 3.5" assembled width top and bottom. this is the width you need to aim for, and to do it out of the stuff you have, you'll probably have to modify the sleeves and bushings.
    Hope this helps

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