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    Ok, my front spring mounts, (the ones rivited to the bottom of the frame and the front clip body mount) seem to be moving. when im sitting still in the parking lot and turn the wheel back and forth they move around a fair ammount. The rivits seem to still be tight ect. Also the spring on the drivers side will shift front to back (inside the front spring mount) and make a popping sound when I am making sharp turns. I have been trying to decide on a solution and wanted some advise. I think the first thing I will do is weld some thick washers on the outside of the spring mount to keep the spring from moving around and making the hole bigger. After that I am pretty much up in the air. Im sure someone here has experianced this before and any advise would be great.


    ps. its an 87k5 with 4inch springs, raised steering arm and a rear shackle flip
    I think thats all the pertinant information regarding the problem but if you need any other details please let me know.

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