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    I know this is the "free/trade/misc" forum, but where else was I supposed to post up body parts? :confused:

    Got a short stepside off the '78 K10 I'm parting out and it needs to go. I've got the cab/clip all sold and don't want a bed leftover.

    Its an 80's model, not sure the exact year but does have the dual gas tank square doors. The wood floor has rotted out and has a treaded steel panel welded in place of it. The tailgate has some kind of sheetmetal welded on it to make it flush. It has a large bowtie emblem on it, too. There are minor rust bubbles showing here and there and also a rust hole on one side at the bottom rear fender. Can be fixed easily or left alone.

    I'm asking $250 for the bed. You come pick up at my home. :deal: :waytogo:

    BTW, bed color is yellow.

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