Stock front driveshaft lengths, anyone?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by dyeager535, Mar 14, 2005.

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    Finally got my '85+ 465/205 (205 from '91 1 ton if that matters) bolted up in the truck, and the 4L80E/205 shaft is too long by a few inches.

    Wondering if anyone here has some measurements for shafts what will interchange. I'm assuming all the later flange style shafts (208/241/later 205) will?

    Not at home, but my compressed measurement of the stock 4L80E/205 shaft is about 25" from center of front axle u-joint cap to center of cap in the driveshaft to CV u-joint.

    My rough guesstimate is that I need a shaft with the same measuring that comes out to about 23.75".

    I was kind of hoping to trade locally for this longer shaft if there was some stock stuff out there that will work, but I've got a friend that has a bunch of equipment that would make cutting this one down easy, or so I would hope. Thinking maybe others have measured this stuff before, or have some lying around, that might be able to contribute some data.

    Other question I guess is if all front shafts have about the same amount of travel. This one measures about 1.5".

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