Stock Intake or Edelbrock Chevy 355

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by wed68, Feb 21, 2005.

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    I have the great pleasure of pulling the fresh chevy 350 from my Blazer again! With the 700 r4 tv cable geometry issues I was fighting on the performer intake I am considering going back with the stock intake. Will I lose much low end torque? The carb is the stock Q Jet and the cam is a Crane 260 very mild!

    Oh by the way my conclusion on why I lost all mains and rod bearings on a fresh rebuild was that for some reason the oil galleries were either dirty or plugged and the grit in these wipped out the bearing within 20 miles! Sounds logical HUH! Anyway I am setting up now to pull the engine again and strip and recrank, yes I trashed the crank as well!

    But I thought with the new oppertunity to rebuild I would consider doing things a little different like clean the galleries better and maybe put the stock intake back on! I also picked up a non ecm HEI didt today at the boneyard. I found several 3970010 engines that I was yearning for, I love the boneyard! Found several sets of ram horn exhaust manifolds but they were all cracked!

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    I would be really surprised if you lost *low end* with a stock intake.

    The way the heads and intakes were designed, coupled with the emissions of the time, I suspect GM put intakes on that helped to generate a lot of low end....they certainly couldn't have used something that HURT low end, since the HP numbers were so bad on the trucks. (and carbed cars of the '80s too for that matter)
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    New exhaust manifolds available cheep!

    If you need a set of "ram horn" exhaust manifolds,there are a few company's making stock replacement manifolds--our local junkyards sell them as a sideline,along with new leaf springs and other stuff--I bought 2 of those "ram horn" manifolds for 55 bucks apeice from them!--since the owner of the car I installed them on wanted it too look good and last awhile(old manifolds had rotted studs and were cracked and thin from rust)--he was happy to buy the new ones for that price...not really worth scouring the boneyards and swap meets for them anymore--the big block manifolds are now available too,at a similar price,so dont spend too much for used ones....:crazy:

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