Stock shocks for a 83 K5 blazer with a 6.2 diesel?

Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by skark_burmer, Nov 14, 2005.

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    I did a search before i spent my money this weekend but it seems everyone wants shocks for trucks that are lifted, well... mine isnt yet.

    I replaced the stock shocks this weekend because the old ones were pretty bad.
    I walked into my local parts store and walked out with 2 Monroe 33084 and 2 33086, i just told them the truck i had and this is what they suggested. (good thing they were cheap)
    The rear ones went on fine and looked like they were correct but the fronts were not right. The bolt spacer on the top of the old shock was about 1.5" long and stuck out from the rubber bushing, the monroe had a short spacer that didnt extend out of the rubber bushing so i had to press the longer spacer into the new shock. Also the Monroe is about 2 to 3" longer compressed than the old one was and the shock will bottom on itself well before the suspension bump stops come into the picture, certainly not correct.

    So what shock should a stock ride heigth K5 use?
    Now that i have a few miles on the Monroes id also like something a bit more firm because this is a daily driver and will not see any real off roading untill i install a lift, at which point i will replace the shocks anyways. The monroes are way too soft.

    So what are my choices for a more firm (and correctly fitting) shock, front and rear?


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