Strange clutch problem - Part 2

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by crawlink5, Apr 28, 2006.

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    Changed the master and slave. Found the binding to be the clutch master cyl rod was rubbing the clutch pedal. Other than that no difference but it did eliminate a symtom that was unrelated.

    Today, when backing up, I pushed the pedal in and the pressure plate seemed to be glued to the clutch and then to the flywheel. I pushed on the brake to stop the truck, and when it stopped I could hear the clutch disc slipping but under a lot of pressure as if I was not pushing the clutch in. It would not release until I turned the engine off. Then it acted normal for a while.

    While driving in 2nd, I let off the fuel pedal and pushed in on the clutch. It wouldn't disengage. Gave it some fuel and pushed on the clutch and it released.

    Any ideas? Definitely something inside the bellhousing.
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    Sounds like, as you say, something in the bellhousing. If your sure the master and slave is actuating. Take it apart, things are usally pretty obvious in there once you drop the trans. On my diesel, i had a spring from the disc come loose and it would intermittenly jamb the thing where the clutch would not disengage. Of course i didn't know that at the time, just seemed like a strage problem. Until i got it became obvious.

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