Strange NP208 Noise?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by red5033, Dec 29, 2004.

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    Oct 29, 2004
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    My NP208 just started making a strange clicking sound the other day. Only does it when the front drive shaft is engaged. Climbed up under it and manually spun the shaft and the noise is coming from inside the case where the front driveshaf exits the case. The fuid looks good and clean and there are no other symptoms other than the clicking. Shifts fine and operates well otherwise. The clicking is very noticeable though and its never done it before. Nothing rubbing externally either. The only change to the truck was a recent 4" suspension lift. I tested everything out after I installed the lift and all worked fine. U joints and their angles seem ok too. Any thoughts??

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    Are You Sure its the Case??

    Since you recently installed a lift kit,you changed the angles the U-joints are operating at--they set up a wear pattern on the bearing journals after awhile,and changing the angle also changes the area of contact in the journals,and can make a vibration or noise-
    -it could also be the splines on the sliding yoke too,the shaft probably is stretched out more due to the lift kit,and might not be engaged deeply enough in the splined yoke,or is loose due to wear-- You will probably have to put it up on a lift and run it to pinpoint the exact location of the noise--if it is the T-case,it could be a loose chain,or bad bearings,or other unpleasant news..Hope not..:crazy: .

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