WA Stretched one-ton K5

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    IMG_20181203_163608.jpg IMG_20180514_124111.jpg Selling my '72 Blazer ('71grill)
    The wheel openings have been lengthened to get bigger tires on it with minimal lift, it only has a 4"softride suspension lift (no body lift) I had 39" boggers on it but didn't like the way it drove, it now has a new set of 37"Pitbulls and 17" beadlocks, Dana 60 front with an ARB crossover steering and 4.88 gears in the back is a wide 14bolt with a Detroit locker and 4.88 gears, top loader 4sp. with a 205 transfer converted to a twin-stick. 350cid headers/electric cutouts, dual optima battery's, big warn winch, alpine stereo... 18000.

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