Stuck Upper Rear Main Seal Help '74 Blazer

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by TallCowGirl, Mar 3, 2007.

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    Hi Guys...I'm in Phoenix and I need help with the rear main seal on my '74 Blazer. (My blue '73 Blazer was wrecked this summer and I found another one to replace it--long story). The 350 engine in it has been leaking oil, so I'm replacing the oil pan and gaskets, front cover and seal, and valve cover gaskets. I got the oil pan off OK, but the rear main seal has hardened and I can't get the upper half of the seal out. It just rips like wood or cardboard. I just lost my job and I'm going to have to most likely move someplace else for work so I don't have much money or time to pull the engine out. If any of you know how to get the upper half of the real seal out without taking the motor apart please let me know--

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    I know on rope seals you can narrow the end of a toothbrush to push one end of the seal far enough to push out the other side. Obviously not real far, but maybe enough if you loosen it's hold on the block. I would think this would work on a rubber seal as well?

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